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Jennifer Taylor, Broker in Stapleton, Denver, CO
(415) 555-5555
Ashburn, VA
42707 Wardlaw Ter
Ashburn, VA
42707 Wardlaw Ter
42707 Wardlaw Ter This new construction, quick move-in home is the "Saratoga" plan by Pulte Homes - Virginia, and is located in the community of The Goose Creek Village Condominiums at 42707 Wardlaw Terrace, Ashburn, VA-20147. HOT HOME: Gourmet Kitchen With Stainless Appliance. Special Offer!: Receive $25,000 off an immediate move-in home!*; Receive Up to $10,000 Toward Options; Receive Up to $8,500 Toward Closing Costs*. This Multi-Family inventory home is priced at $368,485 and has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 half baths, is 2438 square feet, and has a 1-car garage. The builder describes this home as "Gorgeous Saratoga Ready For Immediate Delivery With Mountain Views!". Listing provided by
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Jennifer Taylor, Broker in Stapleton, Denver, CO
(415) 555-5555

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