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Jennifer Taylor

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Boost your listings and get more traffic

Drive more attention to your clients' homes by boosting them in Trulia search results. A contact info bar also appears with your listing on the search results page.

Jennifer Taylor

(415) 555-5555

Capture more buyer leads

Add a prominent lead form to your listings and connect with more homebuyers. Your photo and business info are included on the form.

Gain exclusivity with ad-free listings

Featuring your listings gives you full exclusivity and removes other real estate professionals' advertising from the listing details page.

Trulia Pro Plans and Pricing


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Ad-free Featured Listings 1 3 10
Gain exclusivity on your listings. Advertising from other agents or brokers is removed.
Listing Boost
Boost your listings to the top of Trulia's search results and add a contact information bar with your phone number on Trulia's search results page.
Lead Insight
Easily identify serious buyers with additional lead info. Details may include move timeframe, pre-approval status and if the buyer is already working with an agent.
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Lead Alerts
Receive a text message or phone call when you receive a lead. Listen to messages, calls, and manage leads all in one place using your personal Trulia phone number.
Pro Membership Badge
Stand out everywhere you appear on Trulia with a Pro membership badge.

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What agents are saying

I get direct buyer leads, which have resulted in closings — no referral fee!
Bruce Lang
Coldwell Banker Realty
Trulia helps me market myself and has become one of my best sources for new quality real estate leads.
David Westall
Tahoe Riverfront Realty, Inc.
I've already closed 2 homes in the short period of time I've been using Trulia Pro.
Bert Owens
Century 21 Brandt Wright Realty

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  • 65% Don't have an agent 2
  • 70% Will move in 6 months 2
  • 65% Don't visit 1
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  2. Trulia Lead Form Questionnaire, Q2 2013
  3. ComScore, August 2013